Steel Edge Creteplank

Steel Edge Creteplank is a simple, dependable structural product made from time proven building materials.  Steel Edge Creteplank is made from concrete and galvanized steel which form a basic structural unit, 2″ thick by 15″ or 18″ wide by 10′-0″ long.  Lightweight aerated concrete is integrally cast into galvanized tongue and groove edges on all four sides of the finished plank.


Design Characteristics

  • Lightweight, yet incredibly strong
  • Nails, drills and saws easily
  • 2″ thick x 15″ or 18″ wide x 10′-0″ long
  • Adaptable to virtually any structural frame
  • Compatible with most roofing systems
  • Useable under anything from slate to single ply
  • 40-years proven in wet or aggressive atmospheres
  • Listed by UL as component of four fire-rated assemblies

Product Testing

Comprehensive testing conducted in accordance with ASTM E-455, confirmed that Steel Edge CretePlank can be assembled into a wind load or seismic diaphragm of light weight and impressive shear resistance and stiffness.