The team at Martin (formerly Martin Fireproofing) have been partnering with IMETCO on metal decks for a long time. This long-term partnership and friendship led to the two teams joining forces to provide customers with a complete engineered roofing assembly, bottom to top, under a single-source warranty.

Perform-A-Deck™ roof deck systems offer a unique combination of superior quality and architectural beauty.  Perform-A-Deck systems have set the industry standard for hurricane and tornado enhanced roof systems. These systems can be customized to meet the demands of the harshest environments.

Steel Edge Creteplank is a simple, dependable structural product made from time proven building materials.  Steel Edge Creteplank is made from concrete and galvanized steel which form a basic structural unit, 2″ thick by 15″ or 18″ wide by 10′-0″ long.  Lightweight aerated concrete is integrally cast into galvanized tongue and groove edges on all four sides of the finished plank.

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Each Perform-A-Deck assembly is built from the deck up and layered specifically to fit your facility’s requirements. The proper placement of components such as insulation, underlayment and breathable vapor barriers are critical to the long term performance of your roof.

Codes & Compliances

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

  • UL 790 (ASTM E108) Class A Component
  • Hourly Rated P-Series Assemblies (UL 263)
  • Class 90 Wind Uplift Rating (UL 580)

Factory Mutual Research

  • FM Class 1 Approval for Steel Roof Deck Constructions, Class 1 Fire and 1-60 and 1-90 Windstorm Classification (FM 4450)

Tornado and Hurricane Impact Resistance

  • Ref: Test Protocols for High Velocity Hurricane Zones 2001 SSTD 12-99

Tested Assemblies

    • Meets physical property requirements of HH-I-19972/GEN
    • Florida Building Code Approval
    • Miami & Dade County Approval
    • FEMA 361/ICC 500 Compliant

Steel Edge Creteplank

Steel Edge Creteplank is made from concrete and galvanized steel which form a basic structural unit. Lightweight aerated concrete is integrally cast into galvanized edgings of tongue and groove contours on all four sides of the finished plank. Cement and inert cellular aggregate proportioned, mixed and cured under rigidly controlled conditions produce a lightweight, nailable, insulating concrete of great versatility.

Design Characteristics

  • Lightweight, yet incredibly strong
  • Nails, drills and saws easily
  • 2″ thick x 15″ or 18″ wide x 10′-0″ long
  • Adaptable to virtually any structural frame
  • Compatible with most roofing systems
  • Useable under anything from slate to single ply
  • 40-years proven in wet or aggressive atmospheres
  • Listed by UL as component of four fire-rated assemblies

Codes & Compliances

Comprehensive testing conducted in accordance with ASTM E-455, confirmed that Steel Edge CretePlank can be assembled into a wind load or seismic diaphragm of light weight and impressive shear resistance and stiffness.

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