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R2™ (Revive & Reclad) is a customized engineering services package designed to help building owners, architects or any other decision maker choose the proper re-cladding solution for their specific building based on existing conditions. This service is designed for buildings with metal, brick, concrete or EIFS facades that are deteriorating or in need of aesthetic improvement.

Re-cladding options can include everything from an entire rainscreen application down to new metal wall panels retrofitted over the existing.

Each building is different. Here is what we consider...

Discovery Phase

During this phase, our team will thoroughly examine your building’s existing exterior system and will perform a project assessment. Based on the results, we can determine if an additional engineering assessment is required or recommend solutions appropriate for your facility.

Assessments can include:

  • Overview of existing conditions
    • Visual assessment of existing wall/cladding system
    • Necessary measurements to run basic structural calculations
  • Thermal scan of existing conditions to identify air leakage
    • Performed by certified 3rd party thermographer
  • Determine whether further engineering assessments are required
  • Review possible R2 solutions and rough material costs
Infrared thermovision image showing lack of thermal insulation on Residential building

Why managing airtightness matters.

A report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was prepared to estimate potential energy savings and cost effectiveness of an air barrier requirement. The study included blended national average heating and cooling energy prices and cost effectiveness calculations matching the standards employed by ASHRAE 90.1.2

“Despite common assumptions that envelope air leakage is not significant in office and other commercial buildings, measurements have shown that these buildings are subject to larger infiltration rates than commonly believed.” The study’s findings show that the application of an air barrier system in various sampled types and sizes of building can reduce air infiltration by 60 percent to 100 percent, representing a significant reduction in energy consumption and operating costs: potential gas savings of greater than 40 percent, and potential electrical savings of greater than 25 percent compared to the baseline case. (2)

Air Infiltration Reduction
Potential Gas Savings
Potential Electric Savings

Design Phase

Once we know more about your building, we can provide solutions depending on design goals. We have sustainable solutions that can improve energy efficiency and fire resilience – or we can simply address your buildings aesthetics.

IntelliWrap® Air Barrier

The adoption of air barrier and whole building airtightness testing (WBAT) requirements is accelerating among state and local jurisdictions. Our team can bring your building up to current codes while helping you save money on HVAC through added efficiency. IMETCO offers a wide variety of air barrier styles and application types.

Continuous Stone Wool Insulation (by Rockwool®)

Continuous stone wool insulation offers thermal efficiency and fire-resistant properties that other insulation can’t match. This natural recyclable product also provides great sound absorption for exterior noise.

IntelliFrame® Vented Framing

Vented framing systems are available in a wide variety of styles and provide the critical airspace needed to dry the rainscreen out, as designed in the event of moisture intrusion.

Cladding Systems

This is the fun part – we have a virtually limitless amount of design freedom with our metal and terracotta cladding systems. In a few decades, you can choose a new cladding style and simply replace the cladding layer. Everything else behind the cladding will continue to perform for years to come.

Re-cladding a roof? We can help with that, too.

As metal roofs deteriorate across America, metal-over-metal retrofit is booming. Utilizing TopHat metal retrofit solutions and IMETCO metal roofing panels makes everyone happy, from business owner to contractor to design professional.

Benefits of a retrofit may include significant cost savings, minimal business interruption, enhanced structural integrity, simplified construction, enhanced compliance with building codes, increased energy efficiency, and improved worker safety.

Decision Phase

To help you make the correct decision, our team will review multiple recladding options while considering your budgetary and design goals. Project renderings have proven to be a crucial help in making the proper cladding and color decision. This is a big decision and we want you to love the results.

Delivery Phase

Give us the green light and we’ll get your project moving. A full submittal package, engineering and project shop drawings will be provided based on your R2 selection. We can even help find the right contractor, if you’d like.

Available Field Services
  • 3D Building Scans – Accurate field measurements are critical to a successful installation. With accuracy down to 1/8″, three-dimensional building scans help contractors avoid costly mistakes during project preparation.
  • Job Start-Up – A qualified factory-authorized technical representative can visit your job site to help your crew get started on the right foot.
  • On-site Installation Training – Proper installation is crucial for a system to perform. Our field services team can help your installation go smoothly by teaching your crew the proper techniques.
  • WBAT – If your local building codes require Whole Building Airtightness Testing, we can help you prepare and connect you with a certified testing agency. Once your air barrier is installed, the 3rd party will test the building and upon approval, we will complete the installation of your new cladding.
  • Project Inspection – IMETCO offers in-progress and final job inspections, which includes a thorough assessment of compliance with shop drawings, review of installation methods and techniques as well as a review of tools and applications. If required, 3rd party inspections are available.
  • Problem Resolution – No matter how well prepared you are, problems will come up at times. Our team has the necessary experience in the field to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.
Testing the house for airtightness, on the front door installed a powerful fan

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