An innovative approach to re-cladding...

R2™ (Revive & Reclad) is a customized engineering services package designed to help building owners, architects or any other decision maker choose the proper re-cladding solution for their specific building based on existing conditions. This service is designed for buildings with metal, brick, concrete or EIFS facades that are deteriorating or in need of aesthetic improvement.

Re-cladding options can include everything from an entire rainscreen application down to new metal wall panels retrofitted over the existing.

R2 is a four phased approach:

Discovery Phase

During this phase, our team will thoroughly examine your building’s existing exterior system and will perform a project assessment. Based on the results, we can determine if an additional engineering assessment is required or recommend solutions appropriate for your facility.

Assessments include:

  • Overview of existing conditions
    • Visual assessment of existing wall/cladding system
    • Necessary measurements to run basic structural calculations
  • Determine whether further engineering assessments are required
  • Review possible R2 solutions and rough material costs

Possibility Phase

Considering air barrier, insulation, drainage plane, framing, cladding and materials to ensure a sustainable solution, our team will outline all available possibilities for your building. Through project renderings, you can see what your building will look like with new cladding.

Decision Phase

After reviewing all assessments, recommendations and available solutions – our team will work with you to decide on a solution that best meets your sustainability, energy-efficiency, budgetary and aesthetic needs.

Revive Phase

Give us the green light and we’ll get your project moving. A full submittal package, engineering and project shop drawings will be provided based on your R2 selection. We can even help find the right contractor, if you’d like.

Each building is different. Here is what we consider...

Air Barrier

If necessary, we will evaluate your project to find the perfect air barrier for your existing conditions.


Does your building need brought up to code? Continuous stone wool insulation offers thermal efficiency and fire-resistant properties that other insulation can’t match.


Vented hat channels create the air cavity that is crucial to the performance of the rainscreen system.


Improve the aesthetics of your building with a wide variety of metal panel profiles, colors and materials.


Re-cladding a roof? We can help with that, too.

As metal roofs deteriorate across America, metal-over-metal retrofit is booming. Utilizing TopHat metal retrofit solutions and IMETCO metal roofing panels makes everyone happy, from business owner to contractor to design professional.

Benefits of a retrofit may include significant cost savings, minimal business interruption, enhanced structural integrity, simplified construction, enhanced compliance with building codes, increased energy efficiency, and improved worker safety.

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