IMETCO provides a broad array of extruded aluminum ancillary components with xCLAD™. These easy-to-use pre-painted products are designed specifically for IMETCO Element and Latitude concealed fastener wall panel systems. Available in a wide range of colors and lengths, xCLAD extruded aluminum wall components can be used to enhance the aesthetic of your next project.

xCLAD allows for quick turnaround on standard wall panel projects. Simply field cut your panels to length and use xCLAD extruded wall components to give your project a clean, finished look in a fraction of the time it would take to have custom sized panels made.

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Design Characteristics

  • Strong – Aluminum extrusions offer added strength for ancillary components
  • Lightweight – Aluminum is about 1/3 the weight of other common metal building materials
  • Corrosion Resistant – Excellent corrosion resistance, perfect for tough environments
  • Non-Combustible + Non-Toxic – Aluminum extrusions will not burn
  • Available in 10’ lengths (can be field cut to fit)
  • Designed to allow for up to 4” of insulation
  • No shop drawings required (IMETCO provides Installation Book)
  • Fast fabrication + turnaround
  • Installed with compression foam to ensure sound fit


  • Standard Finish Warranty
  • Standard Material Warranty
  • Rainscreen Warranty Available (must have IMETCO shop drawings)
xCLAD Extruded Trim Components are available with the following metal panel systems:

The Element™ architectural wall panel system is a horizontally or vertically applied metal panel available in a wide range of sizes. Its interlocking legs create a reveal line and concealed clips improve strength and flatness for this versatile cladding system.


Latitude™ metal wall panels provide dynamic visual impact and proven resistance to wind uplift and water infiltration. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, Latitude features a wide variety of profile configurations that can be mixed and matched to provide stunning results.

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