TAJO™ ceramic ventilated façade are designed with an internal chamber that provides additional strength while increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building. The innovative mounting systems for the ceramic ventilated façade are simple, with hidden fastening and without the need to make incisions in the plate, providing optimal fixing. Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, the TAJO ceramic ventilated facade can be combined with various materials and can be seamlessly integrated into IntelliScreen complete rainscreen systems from IMETCO.

Why choose TAJO?


Due the organic origin of clay, our products have a low environmental impact throughout their whole cycle of life.

Energy Efficiency

The ceramic ventilated façade eliminates thermal bridging and optimizes energy consumption.

High Performance

Thick ceramic plates offer great mechanical resistance thanks to their honeycomb structure and the absence of machining, incisions or other alterations.


Rainscreens are a time-tested building practice engineered to last for generations.

No Contribution to Fire

Ceramic ventilated façade systems provide no contribution to fire and offer a safe option for multi-story residential projects.

Acoustic Performance

The absorption generated by the ventilated chamber helps to reduce the reverberation time, thereby improving acoustic conditioning.

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