Since 1964, the ZIP-RIB™ structural metal roof panel system has established a proven track record of performance and longevity. The time-tested system is designed for roofing on slopes 1/4” per foot or greater and can also be used as a vertical wall panel. Specialty manufacturing options such as conical tapers, convex and concave curves and continuous lengths exceeding 460 feet are available with this time tested system. ZIP-RIB can be applied over open purlins, re-roof framing, plywood or metal deck.

The one-piece clip, isolated seam sealant, custom trim, flashing, and system details all work together to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of metal that occurs when it is exposed to varying temperatures. Each Series 300™ roof is engineered for unlimited thermal movement to maintain the roof’s structural integrity and provide a lifetime of watertight protection.

The Batten-Tite™ architectural metal roof panel system is designed for roofing on slopes 3” per foot or greater, as well as vertical wall applications. Its batten style ribs are 1-7/8” high and panels are available in custom widths up to 44-1/2” (nominal coverage). Specialty manufacturing options such as conical tapers, convex and concave curves, domes and continuous lengths up to 45 feet are available.

PermLok™ 1.0 and 1.5 interlocking standing seam architectural panels offer both strength and beauty for high-sloped roofing applications.

The SS panel’s 1-inch snap-on seam cap contains a factory installed sealant that provides exceptional resistance to water infiltration. Its symmetrical design makes the SS panel a highly efficient roofing system by simplifying miter cuts for projects with valleys, hips and dormers.

TwinLok™ metal roof panels offer an economical option for building owners. This mechanically double-locked standing seam roof system is available with a 1-1/2″ or 2″ seam and 12″, 16″ or 18″ coverage widths.

Roof Underlayments are an essential component of a complete roofing system. IMETCO offers high-quality, self-adhering underlayments, all of which are heat-tolerant, self-sealing SBS modified products.

The team at Martin (formerly Martin Fireproofing) have been partnering with IMETCO on metal decks for decades. This long-term partnership and friendship led to the two teams joining forces to provide customers with a complete engineered roofing assembly, bottom to top, under a single-source warranty.

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