Wall & Soffit Cladding Systems: Concealed Fastener

The Element™ architectural wall panel system is a horizontally or vertically applied metal panel. Its interlocking legs create a 3/4” or 1” reveal line and concealed clips improve strength and flatness.

Legacy™ is a stunning metal, shingle-style wall panel system with interlocking panels and an integrated clip system. This reliable system offers an aesthetically pleasing option for any wall panel application, particularly where unique or complicated building shapes are used.

Latitude™ metal wall panels provide dynamic visual impact and proven resistance to wind uplift and water infiltration. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, Latitude features a wide variety of profile configurations that can be mixed and matched to provide stunning results.

FW Series is an attractive, cost-effective flush metal wall panel series with interlocking legs that conceal fasteners while improving strength and flatness. This system offers aesthetic appeal and the tested assurance of IMETCO metal products in an easy-to-install wall panel that is ideal for walls, mansards and soffits.

PermWall flush wall panel systems are engineered for strength and longevity, and designed for the beauty of smooth consistency. Concealed clips secure virtually invisible vertical seams that are proven and warranted to perform.

The SP-120 soffit panel system offers a low-maintenance, reliable, concealed fastener solution for decades of beauty and durability. Suitable for commercial and residential applications, SP-120 panels are 12 inches wide with a “vee” groove every 6 inches on center.

Wall Cladding Systems: Exposed Fastener

Cor-Pan’s undulating metal wall panel design compliments a variety of architectural styles. Cor-Pan features longitudinal ribs that are spaced 2.67 inches on center and is available in two depths: Cor-Pan 1.0 ribs are ⅞-inch deep; Cor-Pan 0.5 ribs are ½-inch deep.

With its deep ribs, R-Panel creates a dramatic shadow appearance and is an economical option suitable for commercial and industrial wall, liner, mansard, and soffit panel applications.

The 7.2 Rib exposed fastener panel features a symmetrical rib profile that creates a strong shadow effect, making it an excellent choice for contemporary design applications. Panels are factory fabricated and available in a variety of materials and finishes.

Rainscreen + Air Barrier Systems

With IntelliScreen™, IMETCO combines best-in-class components into a fully integrated rainscreen assembly, backed by our engineering, project support, and value-added services. The IntelliScreen complete rainscreen wall system delivers high-performance energy efficiency, sustainability and longevity under a single-source warranty.

IntelliWrap™ vapor-permeable air barrier and water resistive barrier (WRB) membranes promote a wall cavity in which water vapor can be effectively managed, which is particularly important in regions where seasonal humidity and temperatures fluctuate.

R2: Revive + Reclad

R2™ (Revive & Reclad) is a customized engineering services package designed to help building owners, architects or any other decision maker choose the proper re-cladding solution for their specific building based on existing conditions. This service is designed for buildings with metal, brick, concrete or EIFS facades that are deteriorating or in need of aesthetic improvement.

We are ready to help you choose the proper type of IntelliWrap air barrier which will protect your building from moisture and manage harmful liquid vapor. Need to bring your building up to current codes with continuous insulation? We can do that too. Aesthetically, your re-cladding options are virtually unlimited and we can provide a project rendering (if you’re having trouble deciding).

TAJO Natural Clay Based Cladding

TAJO™ ceramic ventilated façade are designed with an internal chamber that provides additional strength while increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.
The innovative mounting systems for the ceramic ventilated façade are simple, with hidden fastening and without the need to make incisions in the plate, providing optimal fixing. Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, the TAJO ceramic ventilated facade can be combined with various materials and can be seamlessly integrated into IntelliScreen complete rainscreen systems from IMETCO.

Roof Deck + Cladding Systems

Since 1964, the ZIP-RIB™ structural metal roof panel system has established a proven track record of performance and longevity. The time-tested system is designed for roofing on slopes 1/4” per foot or greater and can also be used as a vertical wall panel.

The one-piece clip, isolated seam sealant, custom trim, flashing, and system details all work together to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of metal that occurs when it is exposed to varying temperatures. Each Series 300™ roof is engineered for unlimited thermal movement to maintain the roof’s structural integrity and provide a lifetime of watertight protection.

The Batten-Tite™ architectural metal roof panel system is designed for roofing on slopes 3” per foot or greater, as well as vertical wall applications. Its batten style ribs are 1-7/8” high and panels are available in custom widths up to 44-1/2” (nominal coverage). Specialty manufacturing options such as conical tapers, convex and concave curves, domes and continuous lengths up to 45 feet are available.

PermLok™ 1.0 and 1.5 interlocking standing seam architectural panels offer both strength and beauty for high-sloped roofing applications.

The SS panel’s 1-inch snap-on seam cap contains a factory installed sealant that provides exceptional resistance to water infiltration. Its symmetrical design makes the SS panel a highly efficient roofing system by simplifying miter cuts for projects with valleys, hips and dormers.

TwinLok™ metal roof panels offer an economical option for building owners. This mechanically double-locked standing seam roof system is available with a 1-1/2″ or 2″ seam and 12″, 16″ or 18″ coverage widths.

Roof Underlayments are an essential component of a complete roofing system. IMETCO offers high-quality, self-adhering underlayments, all of which are heat-tolerant, self-sealing SBS modified products.

The team at Martin (formerly Martin Fireproofing) have been partnering with IMETCO on metal decks for decades. This long-term partnership and friendship led to the two teams joining forces to provide customers with a complete engineered roofing assembly, bottom to top, under a single-source warranty.

Additional Solutions

IMETCO’s engineering team provides project-specific gutter and downspout calculations to ensure proper sizing and placement and provides custom details incorporating the gutter system into your IMETCO metal roof system.

IMETCO’s EZ Edge™ fascia and coping systems offer proven reliability and pleasing aesthetics while also providing watertight protection for the perimeter of your roof. For use with built-up, single-ply and modified bituminous roofing systems, EZ Edge products provide a simple and strong design and are backed by a 20-year fluoropolymer finish warranty.

When projects demand more, we answer the call. Over the years we have found that our systems offer solutions to specific niche opportunities including storm shelters, natatoriums, historical replication, as well as curved, tapered and perforated panels.

The WaveBlok™ line of sound management barriers offers high performance STC in a simple to use product.

IMETCO offers a wide variety of materials and finishes to meet all of your aesthetic needs.

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