The ZIP-RIB structural metal roof panel system is designed for roofing on slopes 1/4” per foot or greater and can also be used as a vertical wall panel. Its mechanically seamed ribs are 2-1/2” high and panels are available in widths of 12”, 16” or 18” (nominal coverage). Wider widths up to 22” are subject to inquiry. Specialty manufacturing options such as conical tapers, convex and concave curves and continuous lengths exceeding 460 feet are available with this time tested system. ZIP-RIB can be applied over open purlins, re-roof framing, plywood or metal deck.

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Design Characteristics

  • Long-term weather-tight performance
  • Custom trim and flashing details available
  • Concealed clip allows unlimited thermal movement
  • Rigorously tested against leaks and hurricane-force winds
  • Ideal for structural and/or architectural applications
    • Can be installed over open purlins or solid decks
    • Suitable for slopes as moderate as ¼:12 or on steeper slopes
    • Available vertically as a wall panel
  • Structural, mechanically seamed metal roofing panel
  • Can be zipped and unzipped, for easy panel removal if needed
  • Standard Panel Depth: 2-1/2”
  • Available Panel Widths: 12”, 16”, 18” nominal coverage
  • Wider widths up to 22” subject to inquiry
  • Factory or field roll formed / mechanically curved
  • Wide variety of materials and colors

Product Testing

  • AAMA 501.1 wind driven rain
  • ASTM E-1592 wind uplift (structural performance, tests to failure)
  • ASTM E-1646 water penetration
  • ASTM E-1680 air infiltration
  • ASTM E-2140 water penetration & vertical load (submerged)
  • UL-90 Uplift, UL Class “A”, UL P-XYZ Assemblies
  • Factory Mutual Approved
  • Dade County Approved
  • F.B.C. Approved
  • New York City MEA, Thermal-Cycle Clip Test
  • US Army Corps of Engineers

Available Materials

  • Aluminum: .032”, .040”, .050”
  • Galvanized: 24, 22, 20 & 18 gauge
  • Stainless Steel: 22 & 24 gauge
  • Copper: 16oz, 20oz & 32oz
  • Zinc: .7mm, .9mm, 1.2mm
  • Mill Finish or with Flouropolymer (Kynar) coating
  • Smooth or Stucco Embossed Surface

*Other materials, gauges & custom coatings available
*Perforated available (except Galvanized)


  • 20-year finish warranty for Kynar 500® fluorocarbon coatings
  • Watertight warranty for qualified applications

Specialty Manufacturing

  • Curving (convex, concave and “S” curves)
  • Tapering (to more than 80-feet in length)
  • Long panel factory manufacturing (up to 85 feet)
  • On-site fabrication of factory-quality straight or curved panels is available

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