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April 2, 2020
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October 14, 2020

Safety is at the forefront of our minds as manufacturers every day. This year especially, safety awareness has been taken to another level here at IMETCO and across the world. These special circumstances have provided us the opportunity to adapt and innovate how we stay safe and healthy while doing our jobs.

IMETCO held its second annual IMETCO Safety Awareness Week from June 22-26 in participation with National Safety Month. While complying with social distancing recommendations we adapted our team building activities and had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful guest speaker who spoke to our team about mindfulness in the workplace.

The week long event focused on the following topics and more:

  • Review of 2019-2020 Plant Safety Updates and Initiatives
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Severe Weather Procedures
  • Introduction of New Hard Hat Sticker Program
  • Surprise Fire Drill with Gwinnett County Fire Department
  • Closing Cookout provided by Industrial Lumber
Here is a brief recap and some photos from the event!

Each day began with a brief pep rally in the plant – speakers addressed the group from a platform to allow the group to maintain social distancing recommendations. On Monday, George Jones (Director of Field Services & Safety, pictured) and Zachary Pratt (Safety Manager) reviewed ongoing plant safety initiatives and updates with the group. To end the opening rally, our safety team handed out this years ‘Safe-tee’ t-shirt to all employees (pictured).

On Tuesday, we learned about the importance of Mindfulness in the Workplace through a great presentation and guided meditation with counselor Aprell Hamilton-Taylor, Ed.S, LPC, pictured with Michelle Hornsby, George Jones and Zachary Pratt.

Benefits of Mindfulness include:

  • Reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Improved memory, focus and mental processing speed
  • Improved ability to adapt to stressful situations
  • Reduced rumination (repetitively going over a thought or problem)
  • Greater satisfaction within relationships
  • Improved ability to manage emotions

Whether working with metal fabrication machines or doing office work, focus and mindfulness are key to maintaining a safe workplace and minimizing costly mistakes. Special thanks to our guest speaker for this valuable information!

On Wednesday, the Safety team outlined and reviewed updated procedures for severe weather events. Georgia is susceptible to thunderstorms, lightning strikes, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow and ice storms – so no matter the time of year – preparedness is key.

Thursday’s discussion was centered on our new hard hat sticker incentive program which will reward workers for keeping safe. As a fun way to pass out the day’s gift while social distancing – our department leaders tossed out stress balls from the platforms above! (pictured)

Friday morning included a surprise fire drill with the Gwinnett County Fire Department – which was passed with flying colors and everyone accounted for!

We wrapped up the week with a cookout for all employees provided by Industrial Lumber. Special thanks to Russ Cambron, David Palmer and John Norris (pictured)!

We also announced our contest winners for our Safety Idea Contest! Employees were encouraged to submit ideas on how we can make IMETCO safer. We received a number of great submissions, but the following winners took home the prizes:

1st Place: Eric Gage Create a collapsible section of ramp where the materials are fed into the Slit Line machine to eliminate unnecessary bending and reduce potential back issues.

2nd Place: Tyler O’Rear and Derek Hauser – Designated parking spaces for forklifts reducing lane crowding during work hours.

3rd Place: Reuben Parker Worked with our manufacturing team to make EZ “Hands Free” Push/Pull tool fabricated from scrap material. This tool can be gifted to customers keeping IMETCO in their hands AND on their minds.

Randomly selected entry winner: Sha Davis


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