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SS-145 and SS-225
Architectural Snap-on Seam Panels

The SS panel's 1-inch snap-on seam cap contains a factory installed sealant, which provides exceptional resistance to water infiltration. Its symmetrical design makes the SS panel a highly efficient roofing system by simplifying miter cuts for projects with valleys, hips and dormers.


ss_panel_golfcourse_rd_church.jpgSS Design Characteristics:

  • Available in 14-inch and 22-inch panel widths
  • Panels can be curved or tapered
  • Symmetrical design reduces labor and material waste
  • Custom trim and flashing details available
  • Ideal for change-of-plane detailing
  • Double bead of factory-injected sealant in the seam cap
  • Concealed sealant helps improve weather-tightness
  • Accommodates a roof change in plane with a continuous panel
  • Requires 3:12 minimum slope
  • Install over solid substrate with underlayment

Material Availability:
  • 24 and 22 gauge steel
  • .032 aluminum

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