Over the years, IMETCO has been fortunate enough to attract and retain some of the most talented craftsmen in the industry. Decades of experience, attention to detail, and a genuine desire to please our customers is what drives our fabrication specialists to manufacturer the highest quality metal systems.

All IMETCO products are custom made to address the requirements of each individual project. Our fabricators, collaborating with our in-house engineering team, form panels to your exact specifications. Optional specialty manufacturing such as tapering, curving and long panels are also available.

Our craftsmen consider each panel they make to be a work of art. With this commitment to
excellence, you are assured that each and every IMETCO panel will stand the test of time, to present a stunning aesthetic and protection from the elements for decades to come. Our manufacturing facilities house the state-of-the-art equipment and tools used by our artists to craft IMETCO’s metal roof, wall and edge systems. For projects requiring job-site fabrication, IMETCO provides the same factory-quality equipment and talented craftsmen with our field rolling and field curving services.

IMETCO Manufacturing Facilities:

We at IMETCO foster a culture of continuous improvement, and rely on our talented team of professionals to enhance our manufacturing capabilities by refining production techniques, developing equipment modifications, and implementing a “zero-defect” quality assurance process. This commitment to quality enables IMETCO, whether in our plant or in the field, to produce the high performance metal systems for which we are renowned.