Field Services

IMETCO’s Field Services team helps ensure products are installed correctly the first time and every time.

A qualified factory-authorized technical representative can visit your job site to help your crew get started on the right foot:

On-Site Installation Training

Proper installation is crucial for a system to perform. Our field services team can help your installation go smoothly by teaching your crew the proper techniques.

Problem Resolution & Guidance

No matter how well prepared you are, problems will come up at times. Our team has the necessary experience in the field to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Shop Drawing Review

A thorough review of shop drawings and installation instructions to address job sequencing, material handling & staging, required tools, project specific installation methods and flashing considerations.

Project Inspection

IMETCO offers in-progress and final job inspections, which includes a thorough assessment of compliance with shop drawings, review of installation methods and techniques as well as a review of tools and applications. We are also available to provide guidance on project site staging, field forming/field curving and spreader bar usage.