Field Services


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IMETCO’s Field Services team helps ensure products are installed correctly the first time and every time.

Job Start-Up Service

A qualified factory-authorized technical representative will visit your job site to help your crew get started on the right foot:

  • On-site installation training
  • Problem resolution and guidance in detailing unforeseeable field conditions
  • Complete and thorough review of shop drawings and installation instructions to address:
    • Job sequencing
    • Material handling
    • Material staging
    • Required tools
    • Project-specific installation methods and techniques
    • Flashing considerations
    • Custom detailing


Job Inspection

IMETCO’s Field Services team offers in-progress and final job inspections, which include:

  • Thorough assessment of compliance with shop drawings
  • Review of installation methods and techniques
  • Review of tools and applications

IMETCO’s Field Services department is also available to provide guidance on project site staging, field forming/field curving and spreader bar usage.

Contact Field Services today for more information, or to schedule a site visit.