IMETCO’s engineering team brings a wide-range of expertise in project evaluation, design assistance, product testing, and installation support to assist you at every stage of your project.

Our engineers and technical staff will help you bring design concepts to life with IMETCO metal building envelope systems backed by a variety of value-added engineering services.

Design Assistance

Design collaboration is our bread and butter. Driven by attention to detail and a desire to provide the best solution to our clients, our engineering team is ready to help.


Wind-Uplift Analysis

Our team can provide a wind-uplift analysis for your next roofing project. This crucial test will show us the necessary clip spacing that will allow your roof system to perform.

Building Code Compliance Assessments

Building codes are constantly evolving. Our team can be your resource to ensure that your next design meets code with the perfect IMETCO solution.

Custom Fabrication

We call ourselves innovative for a reason. Do you have something custom in mind? Let our team help bring your idea to life. We love a challenge.


Custom Shop Drawing Packages

Over the years, we’ve seen our share of difficult projects that required custom shop drawing packages. Contact our team if you are looking for the same.

Performance Testing

We make product testing a priority. Many of our products are backed by rigorous testing and we strive to keep our products up to speed with code requirements.