Metal Roofing Systems

Series 300 S graphic                     series_300_seam_profile

IMETCO’s flagship product, the versatile Series 300 symmetrical seam system offers strength, beauty, and efficiency. This stunning structural panel adds dynamic visual impact while offering decades of protection from even the most severe weather conditions. With its symmetrical design, the total cost of installation and long-term maintenance can be significantly less than with comparable products.

PermLok logo                         permlok_profile

IMETCO’s interlocking standing seam PermLok panels offer both strength and aesthetic appeal for architectural high-sloped roofing applications.


Twin-Lok logo                         twinlok2-0_profile

IMETCO’s TwinLok 1.5 and 2.0 systems offer an economical, mechanically-seamed metal roofing option.

SS Panel                           SS_Profile

IMETCO’s SS panel features a 1-inch symmetrical seam with a “snap-on” cap.  The cap contains a factory-installed sealant, which is prevents water infiltration.