Consol Energy Headquarters


Consol 1 Consol 2 Consol 3


Project Location: 

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania


Designstream Architectural Studio, Pittsburgh, PA


Bruin Roofing, Inc., Coraopolis, PA

Products Used:

  • Series 300 Metal Roofing


  • Aluminum, with “Platinum Silver” painted finish

Additional Information:

Architect, Kevin Turkall, recalls “Our idea [for the Consol Energy headquarters] was to provide a strong design gesture toward the long history of Consol while using state-of-the-art materials to reflect its future. We knew from the onset we would use metal.”

Series 300 symmetrical standing seam metal roofing is the signature design feature of the main entrance and upper penthouse levels of the building, and was a significant influence on the exterior building appearance from the onset of the design. The warped curved entrance canopy design, inspired by Consol Energy’s corporate logo, was made possible by the curving capabilities of IMETCO and its Series 300 panel. Curved Series 300 panels are also used to crown the Upper Penthouse level for mechanical spaces, elevator lobby, open pavilion space and a conference room.

Approximately 33,000 square feet of Series 300 provide a stunning aesthetic element that functions as a high-performance, durable weather barrier. Series 300 panels were factory-formed, crated and shipped in lengths up to 72 feet, then field-curved for an exact fit to the radii dimensions of each individual vaulted roof area. In order to protect the exterior glass façade during installation, field curving for the upper roof areas was performed on the concrete deck mezzanine level nearly six stories above ground.

Series 300 was chosen due to its aesthetic, performance, sustainability and structural characteristics. Many factors contributed to the selection of IMETCO’s Series 300 metal roofing system, such as material and finish options, flashing solutions, LEED applicability, code compliance, product longevity and weather-tightness.

Series 300’s structural properties minimized the amount of supports required (5-feet o.c.), which resulted in significant cost reductions for labor and structural steel. With slopes as low as 3/16:12, Series 300 remained the leading candidate to provide warranted weather-tightness protection.

Implementing LEED practices into 365,000 square feet of useable real estate, the building is full of highly efficient technology and energy monitoring equipment to improve communications and reduce consumption. CONSOL “leads by example” as one of the nation’s largest producers of energy. The new much larger headquarters building will consume significantly less energy than their previous location.

Series 300 metal roofing helped to achieve sustainability by providing a painted aluminum (light) finish reducing the heat island effect commonly found with black single-ply roofing systems. It also assisted due to the recycled content of the product, and the recyclability of the product.

This project is distinguished by a 2009 metalmag design award, and has been featured in metalmag for green design, as well as DCD magazine.

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