IntelliScreen Complete Rainscreen Wall System from IMETCO
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Latitude Horizontal and Vertical Metal Wall Panels
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IMETCO IntelliScreen Complete Rainscreen Wall Assembly with metal wall panel claddingIntelliScreen Complete Rainscreen Wall System featuring IMETCO metal wall panels

The "Evolution" of Exterior Wall Design

IntelliScreenTM Complete Rainscreen Wall System delivers high-performance energy efficiency, sustainability and longevity under a single-source warranty.

With IntelliScreen, IMETCO combines best-in-class components into a fully-integrated rainscreen assembly, backed by the engineering, project support, and value-added services upon which IMETCO has built its stellar reputation.

The IntelliScreen wall system includes:
  • Metal Wall Panels
    A variety of panel profiles, materials, colors, and finishes

  • Vented Horizontal Hat Channel
    Perforated subgirt (patent-pending) for panel attachment creates the crucial one-inch air cavity for ventilation, and virtually eliminates thermal bridging

  • Stone Wool Continuous Insulation
    High-density rigid insulation board, designed specifically for Evolution, repels water, is non-combustible, provides outstanding thermal insulation, and does not propagate the growth of mold or mildew

  • IntelliWrapTM Vapor-Permeable Air Barrier
    Membrane that stops the flow of air and liquid water, while allowing controlled diffusion of water vapor

IMETCO Metal Wall Panel Systems
for Rainscreen Assemblies

IMETCO offers a variety of metal wall panel profiles, materials, colors and finishes. Engineered for performance, these systems offer designers a variety of aesthetic choices, from flush profiles to articulated profiles, that are interchangeable and offer solutions for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Latitude® High-Performance Metal Wall Panel System

The Latitude series offers dynamic visual impact and proven performance. Heavy-duty concealed clips and fasteners ensure the system stays in place while allowing unlimited thermal movement. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, Latitude features a wide variety of standard profile configurations that can be mixed and matched to provide visual interest. Optional PrecisionEdge® factory-mitered corners provide a sleek, continuous look.

FlatLok Metal Wall Tile Cladding

FlatLok is a stunning metal shingle-style wall panel system with interlocking panels and integrated clips. This reliable system offers an aesthetically-pleasing option for any wall panel application, particularly where unique or complicated building shapes are used. Its rectangular and diamond-shaped profiles and wide variety of material options give designers the flexibility to make a bold architectural statement.

FW Series Concealed Fastener Metal Wall Cladding

FW is an attractive, cost-effective flush metal wall system. Its interlocking legs conceal fasteners while improving strength and flatness. This durable system offers aesthetic appeal in an easy-to-install wall panel.
IMETCO vented hat channel for IntelliScreen Complete Rainscreen Wall Assembly with metal wall panel cladding

IMETCO Vented Horizontal Hat Channel

IMETCO's patent-pending vented hat channel is made of 18-gauge galvanized steel. It is installed horizontally directly on the stone wool insulation, fastening into the metal studs to create the 1-inch air cavity that is crucial to the effective performance of the rainscreen system.

A series of precisely placed 0.2" x 1.75" slots (23% open) allows air to circulate behind the panels, creating the convection needed to dry any moisture present in the wall cavity. Optional vertical struts are also available.

Stone Wool Continuous Insulation from IMETCO

IMETCO's high quality stone wool continuous insulation for rainscreen walls is designed to provide increased thermal performance to the building envelope. The stone wool-based insulation is made from natural stone and 75% recycled content, which gives it thermal and fire-resistant properties that other insulations can't match:

  • Repels water; serves as a drainage plane
  • Does not propagate mold growth
  • Maintains thermal resistance; R-value does not diminish over time
  • Eliminates need for building wrap when coupled with IMETCO air barrier
  • Experiences little or no thermal expansion or contraction; mitigates the risk of voids and gaps developing in the thermal barrier
  • Remains dimensionally stable; will not bend, warp, or shrink over time (other insulating materials report a size reduction of more than 2%, which can significantly increase thermal transmission)
  • Allows the wall to breathe; it is vapor open and will not trap moisture
  • Non-combustible, with low flame-spread and smoke development ratings

IntelliWrapTM Vapor-Permeable Air Barriers

Uncontrolled air flow takes a tremendous toll on a building and its occupants. IntelliWrap vapor-permeable air barrier and water resistive barrier (WRB) membranes promote a wall cavity in which water vapor can be effectively managed, which is particularly important in regions where seasonal humidity and temperatures fluctuate, by:

  1. Stopping the flow of air and resists air pressure
  2. Prohibiting liquid water transmission
  3. Allowing controlled diffusion of water vapor

Air barrier membranes offer several advantages over fluid applied air barriers to installers, including ease and consistency of installation. IMETCO offers three vapor-open air barrier membrane options for the IntelliClad Complete Rainscreen Wall System: mechanically-attached, self-adhered, and mechanically attached with integrated drainage mat. Engineered window flashing elements are also available.


IntelliScreen + ACCEL-E: Complete Cladding-to-Stud Rainscreen Wall Assembly  
IntelliScreen Systems are available with ACCEL-E panels, providing customers with a complete stud-to-cladding wall assembly under a single-source warranty.

ACCEL-E is a fully-integrated system that combines framing and insulation into one easy step to reduce constuction time and cost, while providing exceptional energy efficiency for the life of the building. An environmentally-responsible product, ACCEL-E is Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified.


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