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IMETCO uses only the highest quality metals and manufactures its products from a wide selection of materials, gauges, colors and finishes.

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IMETCO works closely with select premier mills to acquire high-quality metals for our manufacturing locations.


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Our systems are available in many different materials including steel, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and others in a variety of gauges.

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Reflective Coatings

Textures, coatings and mechanical finishes designed for glare reduction and energy efficiency.

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Painted Metal

IMETCO offers 28 colors total in its standard, designer and premium collections as well as six print patterns featured in its premier da Vinci collection. 

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Custom Colors

Custom colors are available by special order to match virtually any palette. Color matched flouropolymer touch-up paint is also available by request.

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Wood Grain

Custom wood grain patterns are available by special order to provide a unique natural aesthetic to wall and soffit panels.