IMETCO introduces the da Vinci Collection!



The Da Vinci Collection features six shades of color that create a sophisticated naturally-weathered, tinted look to aluminum.

Though the muted pallet may look delicate, these Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000®protective coatings, provide outstanding resistance to UV and chemical exposure, and offer unmatched performance and color integrity.

The advanced coating technology used to create these rich architectural finishes provides a consistent grain, hue and tone. A series of pigments with varying opacity is applied through a precisely controlled direct-to-metal operation, allowing the natural luster of the metal to radiate through the complementary tones.

Other “tinting” methods can produce undesirable results such as powdery white efflorescent films, color fade and flaking, inconsistent patina development, and limitations in product application. The da Vinci Collection, however, is versatile and reliable, providing designers with an immediate aged material appearance that will last decades.

da Vinci Collection aluminum is available in .040″, .050″ and .063″ gauges.

Contact your IMETCO representative for more information or to request samples of this exquisite material.