IntelliScreen Complete Rainscreen Wall System from IMETCO
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Latitude Horizontal and Vertical Metal Wall Panels
American-Made United Zinc

Innovative Metals Company
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IMETCO Metal Wall Panels are Durable,
Attractive and Easy to Install

The stunning elegance of metal enhances a design's enduring appeal with a wide range of panel profiles, materials, colors, and finishes. Metal wall panels are ideal for new and retrofit construction. Additionally, since metal can be formed in ways that traditional wall materials cannot, designers can achieve truly unique aesthetics at an economical price, while providing a lifetime of protection against the elements.

IMETCO's line of metal wall panel systems includes concealed attachment and exposed fastener options, as well as soffit panels.

Concealed Attachment Systems

Get the performance and longevity of metal with the clean, uniform aesthetic of IMETCO's concealed fastener wall systems. Engineered for performance, these systems offer designers a variety of aesthetic choices from flush profiles to articulated profiles that are interchangeable and offer solutions for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Exposed Fastener Systems

For a more traditional metal wall appearance, IMETCO offers a variety of exposed fastener systems for use on walls, mansards,
equipment screens and parapets.

Soffit Systems

IMETCO offers a selection of metal soffit systems, available with or without venting.