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The Only Architectural Zinc
Made in the USA!

Processed and Formed in America, United Zinc™ is available exclusively from IMETCO


Since the early 19th century, zinc has remained a preferred roofing material throughout the world. Due to the material's natural beauty, sustainability and longevity, its popularity in the United States continues to grow.

United Zinc from IMETCO is:

  • Timeless, durable, versatile and environmentally responsible
  • Pre-treated for immediate aesthetic appeal in three finish choices; Glacier Gray, Glacier Gray TextureMatte™, and Onyx Black
  • A long-lasting material suitable for most climates
  • Protected by its distinctive patina that continues to develop as it ages, creating a durable, corrosion-resistant surface
  • Resistant to mold, mildew and fungus, but its runoff is "clean" and will not harm desirable vegetation like other exotic metals can
  • Non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly
  • Virtually maintenance free; its self-healing nature can even make scratches disappear over time
  • Sustainable and recyclable; United Zinc not only has extremely high recycled content (more than 30% comes from recycled or secondary zinc), but it is also 100% recyclable and has a high scrap value

United Zinc's versatility makes it an ideal material for a variety of design styles and applications. In addition to coil and flat stock, IMETCO offers several of its products made with United Zinc, including:

Contact your IMETCO representative today for more information about these and other products available in United Zinc.

To learn more about United Zinc, download the United Zinc Data Sheet or the United Zinc Product Guide.