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Shop Drawing and Submittal Packages

A thoroughly engineered shop drawing package is crucial to the success of every project. In addition to the standard details that are available for download , IMETCO offers shop drawings that are produced in-house by IMETCO engineers and customized to the unique requirements of your project. This helps simplify and expedite resolution of any design challenge you may face during project planning and installation. These comprehensive, engineered packages help ensure optimum product performance, proper installation, and code compliance, thereby reducing potential liability for design professionals, installers, and building owners.


Shop drawing packages address myriad design and liability considerations, such as:

  • Wind uplift requirements
  • Water control, drainage and run-off
  • Ice damming
  • Snow retention
  • Watertight detaill
  • Thermal movement allowances
  • Aesthetic considerations
  • Proper product installation
  • Coordinating transitional conditions and adjacent building materials
  • Building code compliance
  • Optional P.E. stamping (available for any state)

For the Installer: Supporting Installation Guidelines and Drawings

Roofing contractors face many challenges on the job site. IMETCO's shop drawing packages included detailed, illustrated step-by-step installation guidelines to help you with installation challenges such as:
  • Varied experience
  • Varied installation techniques
  • Language barriers
  • Training of new crew members

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