Photovoltaic Systems


Roof-mounted solar systems make the best use of available space, turning unused space into an energy-producing asset. Standing seam metal systems have been deemed by architects and solar designers as the ideal material for rooftop photovoltaic (PV) installations. In addition to its performance characteristics and long lifespan, standing seam roofing provides a more complimentary aesthetic to PV systems than other roofing materials.

Whether designing for solar power today, or keeping options open for tomorrow’s possibilities, IMETCO’s standing seam metal roofing products allow designers to plan for the future with profiles that will accept PV systems now or later.

PV is not only for new buildings. When an existing building needs a new roof, why not take the opportunity to install (or plan for) a PV system as well? Since standing seam metal roofs can be installed over virtually any type of roof, what once was a costly maintenance project can now become an energy-generating mission.

Two Types of Rooftop PV Technology: Crystalline and Thin-filmmetal_roof_and_solar_PV

Polycrystalline modules offer higher annual energy production due to minimal temperature dependence and excellent low light response. Racks of these modules can be clamped securely to the seams of a metal roof without creating penetrations. While installers can use hat channels to mount racks on metal, a rated clamp designed for that specific metal profile helps prevent liability issues that can arise on large projects. With an engineered product, such as S5! clamps available from IMETCO, PV racks can meet the required wind uplift and load ratings without penetrating the roof.

Thin-film amorphous silicon technology panels feature a flexible membrane created from layers of silicon on a thin sheet of stainless steel. While this type of system is less efficient than crystal modules (and requires a greater coverage area to produce the same wattage), it is less expensive to manufacture. These thin film modules can be adhered to the pan of a Series 300 standing seam metal roofing panel and wired through the ridge cap with no penetrations for mounting or wiring. Grid pairing is also possible with thin film modules.

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