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series300_performadeck_image.jpgSeries 300 & Perform-A-Deck

Complete Metal Roof and Deck Assembly

Hurricane and Tornado Enhanced Roofing Envelope

The system is engineered and tested to resist extreme winds and debris impact, as defined by the FEMA 361 Design and Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms for resistance to wind uplift and impact from wind-borne debris.

  • Withstands wind speeds of more than 250 mph
  • Withstands wind uplift pressure up to 550 psf
  • Meets FEMA 361 missile impact requirements
  • Impervious to water infiltration

Single Source Warranty

A 20-year single source warranty covers this integrated performance-inspired roof and deck assembly that raises the bar on roofing envelope performance for building owners across the country. Ideal for new or retrofit applications, this total roofing system includes the Series 300 Standing Seam Metal Roof from IMETCO and the Perform-A-Deck roof deck system from Martin Fireproofing.

The Perform-A-Deck roof deck system from Martin Fireproofing offers:

  • Outstanding structural strength
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Optimum acoustical values
  • Excellent waterproofing protection
  • UL Fire-rated design

The Series 300 Symmetrical Seam Metal Roof offers:

  • Timeless elegance, proven performance, strength and versatility
  • The proven assurance of a fully tested and warranted roof system
  • Resistance to wind and water infiltration
  • Ideal system for new & retrofit applications
  • Eco-friendly sustainabiility and recyclability
  • Curving and tapering options
  • Factory or field-formed options
  • A wide variety of materials & gauges

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