IntelliWrapTM Vapor Permeable Air Barriers and Water Resistive Barriers (WRB)

Uncontrolled air flow takes a tremendous toll on a building and its occupants. IMETCO air barrier and water resistive barrier (WRB) membranes promote a wall cavity in which water vapor can be effectively managed, which is particularly important in regions where seasonal humidity and temperatures fluctuate, by:

  1. Stopping the flow of air and resists air pressure
  2. Prohibiting liquid water transmission
  3. Allowing controlled diffusion of water vapor

Air barrier membranes offer several advantages over fluid applied air barriers to installers, including ease and consistency of installation. IMETCO offers three vapor-open air barrier membrane options for use with the IntelliScreenTM Complete Rainscreen Wall System:


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IMETCO Air Barrier Installation Sequence