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Corrugated Metal Wall Panels

Economical and versatile, Cor-Pan’s undulating metal wall panel design compliments a variety of architectural styles. Cor-Pan features longitudinal ribs that are spaced 2.67 inches on center and is available in two depths: Cor-Pan 1.0 ribs are ⅞-inch deep; Cor-Pan 0.5 ribs are ½-inch deep.

Cor-Pan Design Characteristics:

  • Suitable for interior or exterior applications
  • Optional perforation available
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Longitudinal ribs are spaced 2.67 inches on center
  • Cor-Pan 1.0: Ribs are ⅞-inch deep; 34.67-inch coverage width
  • Cor-Pan 0.5: Ribs are ½-inch deep; 40-inch coverage width
  • Standard lengths: 6′ to 45′

Available Materials

  • Steel: 20, 22 and 24-gauge
  • Aluminum: .032″, .040″ and .050″


  • 20-year finish warranty


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