Reglet Systems

IMETCO Performance Engineered Metal Reglet Systems

Design Characteristics

  • Surface mounted reglet is designed to be installed on any type of parapet wall
  • Attached with fasteners 12” o.c., sealed with neoprene washers
  • Factory punched slots allow for thermal movement
  • Masonry mounted reglet is specially manufactured for masonry applications
  • Reglet is inserted into masonry joints and fixed as the mortar cures, eliminating any openings where water could penetrate

Materials Availability

  • Galvanized steel: Kynar®-painted, 24 and 22 gauge
  • Aluminum: .032, .040
  • Copper: 16 ounce
  • Stainless steel: Mill finish, 24 and 22 gauge

Surface Mounted Reglet


Masonry Mounted Reglet



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