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Latitude Horizontal and Vertical Metal Wall Panels
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IMETCO in the News


  • A Unified System: Exterior wall systems progress to integrated rainscreen design
    Metal Construction News, October 2012

  • Creating Curves: 8 things to know about curved metal panels
    Metal Construction News, November 2012

  • United Zinc Metal Roof and Metal Wall Cladding on Clayton Law Enforcement Center Featured in Carolinas Roofing Magazine
    Carolinas Roofing Magazine, September/October 2012

  • New Rainscreen Wall System Introduced By IMETCO

  • Oregon State Hospital Gets a New Metal Roof
    Western Roofing Magazine, May/June 2012

  • Compound Curved Metal Roof Brightens Golisano "C'Mon" Children's Museum, Naples, Fla.
    Metal Roofing Magazine Idea Book, 2012

  • IMETCO Curved Metal Roof Adds Whimsy to Golisano Children’s Museum

  • Project Feature - Golisano Children’s Museum, Naples, Fla.
    Metal Architecture magazine, May 2012

  • Featured Project  |  South Carolina Bar Conference Center
    Carolinas Roofing Magazine, March/April 2012

  • 2009 - 2011
  • Company Report | IMETCO - Performance Proven Metal Products For Roof, Wall & Edge
    Business Review USA

  • Effective Low-Slope Roofing Begins with Secure Roof Edges, by Frank Resso
    RCI Interface, September 2010

  • IMETCO Launches Latitude, Its New Line of High-Performance Metal Wall Panels

  • Consol Enery Corporate Headquarters
    Design Cost Data, November 2009

  • Energy evolution: Headquarters reflects past while looking to future
    Metal Construction News, August 2009

  • 2009 Design Awards: Consol Energy Headquarters
    metalmag, May 2009

  • Silver + Black = Greens
    metalmag, March/April 2009

  • Address Thermal Movement to Provide Long-term Weathertight Performance, by Amy Stokes
    Metal Construction News, January 2009

  • 2008 and prior
  • metalmag: Celtic Health Care Headquarters
    metalmag, September 2008

  • Design Cost Data: Southpoint Surgery Center
    Design Cost Data, 2007

  • Symmetrical Is Good: Symmetrical Metal Roofing Panels Can Lower Roofing Costs
    RSI Magazine, November 2006

  • Harbor Beauty
    Metal Roofing Magazine, 2007

  • 2006 Design Awards: Guildford Station
    Metal Architecture magazine, August 2006

  • Design Awards: Halifax Harbor Marina
    Metal Architecture magazine, August 2006

  • University of Connecticut Residence Halls
    Metal Roofing Magazine Idea Book, 2005

  • Honoring Mother Earth - The Mohegan Indian Tribe Gives Back
    Eco Structure, March/April 2005

  • Betting on Mohegan Sun
    Roofing Contractor Magazine, May 2003
  • IMETCO News Releases
  • IMETCO Announces Fully Integrated Cladding and Stud Wall Systems Featuring SYNTHEON ACCEL-E®
  • IMETCO Publishes New Division 7 Architectural Binder
  • IMETCO Announces New Facility in Norcross, Georgia
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