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Latitude Horizontal and Vertical Metal Wall Panels
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High-Performance Metal Wall Panel System

The LatitudeTM series from IMETCO provides dynamic visual impact and proven resistance to wind uplift and water infiltration. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, Latitude features a wide variety of profile configurations that can be mixed and matched to provide visual interest. Heavy-duty concealed clips and fasteners ensure the system stays in place during severe weather events while allowing unlimited thermal movement. PrecisionEdgeTM factory-mitered corners are available as an option to provide a sleek, continuous finished look.

Latitude Metal Wall Panel

Symmetrical Profile Option

This profile features a symmetrical pattern, with the web elements of each 4-inch module at a consistent 45 angle to provide aesthetic balance in vertical applications. Like the standard profile, Latitude's Symmetrical Profile is available in 12- and 16-inch widths, and a variety of configurations that can be mixed and matched if desired.


Latitude Design Characteristics

  • Install horizontally or vertically
  • Wide variety of profile options
  • Profiles and widths can be seamlessly integrated
  • Concealed, heavy-duty clips and fasteners provide unlimited thermal movement
  • Available in 12- and 16-inch coverage, each creating a 4-inch o.c. pattern
  • Precision-edge factory mitered corners available

Available Materials
  • Steel: 24-, 22-, 20-, 18-gauge
  • Aluminum: 032, 040, 050, 060
  • Zinc: 027, 032, 039
  • Copper: 16-, 20-, 24-ounce
  • Stainless Steel: 24-, 22-, 20-gauge

Testing and Approvals
  • ASTM E-330 uniform static air pressure
  • ASTM E-331 & E-283 air and water infiltration
  • ASTM E-1886 & E-1996 missile impact & cyclic pressure
  • FBC and Miami-Dade (approvals pending)

  • 20-year finish warranty
  • Watertight warranty on qualifying applications

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